Demo Reel

Environment Art

Gltich Out VR Server Room

This is the Glitch Out VR environment that I have worked for collaboration. I worked for this from scratch to finish. I also worked on programming for VR and optimized the scene. I am responsible for all the assets in this environment (tutorial blueprint sequences, 3d assets, textures, lighting, etc.)

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Corrode Material

This is the disappearing VFX material that I made for the Ue4 shader study. I made it for testing texture projection and researching different techniques for creating shader. All these materials are instance materials and made in one master material. The last colorful material works in a blueprint to show that custom function possibility. These are made in Unreal Engine 4 and the patterns are made in Substance Designer.

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Pipeline and Tools

Houdini Building Generator

This is a project from the internship and it is made to create a city from far sight in Unreal Engine 4. I used the SOP network and VEX language for the tool. I was responsible for the tool and all the building modular kits modeling and material are made from Hoyt Architects.

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UE4 Decal Master

This is a Decal Master for Unreal Engine 4. The tool allows artists to create a lot of decals using only one texture and adjust the texture values. I got inspired by the texture atlas concept. I made this to optimize decal and reduce drawcall from textures.

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Maya Python Building Generator

This is my building generator for my Maya python study. I used QtWidgets for the UI system and Maya python to create a building generator. The tool puts a selected mesh to create buildings based on the input on UI and the bounding box size that allows people not to worry about adjusting a gap size for building. 

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For more programming studies, please check my Github

Optimization and Performance

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